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I love music! I would never claim to know it all, but it was memorable part of my life while growing up, and continues to be to this day.

When I was born my parents were in their early forties, my brother 8 and my sister would have been 10. My whole family loved music. As a child of the sixties I was hearing different genres from every room in the house. There was the Beatles and the Monkees in my sister’s room, big band music and Tom Jones in the livingroom. The room I shared with my brother would be my true musical roots.

My brother played guitar at the age of seven. He would practice and listen to blues and jazz twenty four seven. So many rich soulful sounds were embedded into my mind at such an early age. In later years my brother was in a blues band that would rehearse in the basement of our house. There wasn’t a place in that house I would rather be, but in that cellar watching these guys practice.

My brother and my sister had both moved out of the house by the time I was nine. Writing then became a huge part of my life. The vibrant house was now quiet, and I needed an outlet to express myself.

There are a lot of people who wonder why I never chose to play an instrument, since most of my friends growing up, and to this day are musicians. I decided I would be different and hang my instruments on the wall for art’s sake.

As life progressed, I continued school, traveled and eventually worked with many talented well respected musicians as a sound engineer. Responsibilities in life grew and writing started to take a backseat … I procrastinated this for over 20 years; until now.

With this blog, I will be reflecting back through blues and jazz history; reflecting on various artists that have touched not only myself, but all of us all in some way.

I hope you enjoy remembering, discovering, and sharing the sounds of these inspirational human beings. If this blog can assist in keeping their music alive, and in some way contribute in introducing these artists to a new generation of music fans, it will be well worth the effort.

Thanks for stopping by home in the Blogosphere. Please check back often for updates.

The Blues Blogger

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