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I am now seeing a big rise in traffic to this site! I thought it was important to officially say hello and acknowledge the readers of this Blog. A big part of this traffic is returning readers. I am very flattered and humbled by your loyalty and kind comments via e-mails.

Just because there are only a few comments on this Blog is not an indication that no one is paying attention. When you are ready to leave comments it will happen given time. However, don’t be shy if you have something you want to add to any of the articles, I would love to hear from you.

People are telling me they are finding the stories very down to earth and easy to read. They like the personal touch and enjoy the tunes I have selected for the site. It’s been a great feeling for me to discover my writing roots once again. Many years have passed and I feel the rust. Given time and your continued support, I will generate ideas and work on some themes that I hope will strike a pleasant reflective chord.

Many of my personal musical experiences have been locked up in my head for well over 20 years. I intend to pull memories from my early childhood at home, to my teenage years working at several record boutiques, to my previous life as a recording engineer in New York. From these times I have met, seen and worked with many talented artists. Some of these musicians, producers and recording engineers were and continue to be very successful. Like most people in every day life some were fantastic to work and hang out with while others were quite mischievous. There are some rich memories I intend to sprinkle throughout this Blog. It is not my intention to brag be controversial or revealing, it’s just a canvas for me to paint some thoughts and share some experiences with you through my writing. I’m not sure where it will all go, and you never know who we will stumble across together, but I hope you enjoy the journey along the way.

To keep with the theme of past posts, I will leave you with a song that has some significance to me. In my previous article, The Jewish Influence in Blues and Jazz, I make mention of Jack Bruce. (You will have to read the article to see the reference) I love listening to his work with the legendary Cream and his solo pieces. One of the albums I was very keen on at the time is entitled; “I’ve Always Wanted To Do This”. It featured David Sancious, Billy Cobham and Clem Clemson. It was an absolute thrill for me to stand several feet away from this musical legend at The Bottom Line in New York back in 1981.


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