Music Review: Bruce Trower and Seven Moons

When I come up with ideas for what to write for this site, I have a good sense of what it’s going to be about before I start typing. I scan through my music collection, pick the artist, organize the tunes on my MP3, and think about my past and where I was when I first heard the selections. I will then hit my home gym and workout and think everything through.

Today I’m not so enthusiastic about digging through the vaults or doing my workout. You see The Blues Blogger has the flu.

My twelve year old son has left for an outing for the weekend, and my wife is tired of me whining and is out enjoying the spring like weather. I’ve been in bed staring at the television watching reruns of Deal or No Deal for the past two days. The house is quite; just me and my faithful golden retriever Lucille.

I finally decided to get my ass out of bed and at least check my email. The first thing I noticed was an email saying “I think this is your deal.” It was information about the new release called Seven Moons by Jack Bruce/Robin Trower and Gary Husband… Hmmm… I was intrigued indeed… How could they know, I thought to myself.

Immediately I logged on to my online music account and downloaded the album. Within a few moments the download was complete and I finally had something else to obsess about other than which briefcase I thought they should have opened to win the million bucks.

It’s been over 25 years since the last time Jack Bruce and Robin Trower have teamed up. I recalled purchasing the vinyl LP’s of their past work way back when.

The start of the 1980s saw Trower at a turning point in his career. Eager to expand his horizons he teamed up with ex-Cream singer and bassist, Jack Bruce. Drummer Bill Lordan was added and they called the power trio B.L.T. This first collaboration with Bruce, recorded in early 1981, stands the test of time.

Truce was released later the same year and is more of the same, but with ‘Bridge of Sighs’ drummer Reg Isidore replacing Bill Lordan. The band’s name was also changed to Robin Trower/Jack Bruce. Although not as critically acclaimed as the first album, there were several standout tunes, as is typically of any Robin Trower release.

I didn’t really know too much about Seven Moons, so I didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, I got right into it.

So many things entered into my mind as I started to listen … How fast 40 years can go by… I remember Trower and Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale like it was yesterday. Did Trower truly get the recognition he deserved over the years? What an awesome player and such a great sound!… How long ago was it when I saw Gary Husband play? That was well over 20 years ago with Allan Holdsworth. What an amazing drummer he is. An interesting trio I thought. Wasn’t Husband much younger than these guys? And was it really true that I can’t have a decongestant when you are taking heart medication? Damn!

Of course everyone knows my feelings about Jack Bruce. My blog is filled with his influences on me from my earliest music recollections …

Ok… I’m getting kind up perked up here. This is a great listen so far… The opening song Seven Moons sets the tone. I always thought Bruce’s unique vocal style and Trower’s hypnotic guitar tone are beautifully complimented together. Track after track everything moves forward nicely.

My favourite tracks are “Just Another Day”, “Perfect Place” and “Bad Case of Celebrity.” At least that’s what I have experienced today.


1. Seven Moons 4:42
2. Lives of Clay 5:04
3. Distant Places of the Heart 5:25
4. She’s Not the One 2:56
5. So Far to Yesterday 3:35
6. Just Another Day 5:31

7. Perfect Place 3:47
8. The Last Door 5:10
9. Bad Case of Celebrity 4:06
10. Come to Me 4:45
11. I’m Home 3:11

This album may not overwhelm you on your first listen, but I promise it will grow on you. If you like Trower or Bruce, there’s a lot to like here. This is as good as their previous work together and might even be better. There isn’t the sense of recycling of old material that you get when other artists attempt such projects. These guys have truly created an outstanding and enjoyable album. People who are fans of their previous work will really enjoy this.

As usual I will download this album to my MP3 player as I may be hooked. I also knew music was a great form of expression, but now I know first hand of its medicinal effects. Thanks gentleman! You made a guy who felt like crap feel a whole lot better; nothing like natural medicine to nourish the soul.

Unfortunately there aren’t too many videos of these guys available. However, I did find this song/clip from their first album hanging around youtube.


The Blues Blogger

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