StumbleUpon: Friends of The Blues Blogger

I’m going to make this final post of the month a brief one… The month of October represents the biggest month The Blues Blogger site has ever seen. It was very important to me to thank all my friends from the StumbleUpon community. Your positive energy and tremendous support of not only this site, but my StumbleUpon home have not gone unnoticed. You have truly made the difference in making this site a unique destination spot for lovers of the blues, jazz and classic rock…

It’s very tempting to make mention of some the friends I have developed over the past year, but I think its best to just create a link to you guys right here. I truly enjoy the sites and sounds we share together. And I hope to continue that friendship into the future. I have said it before and I will say it again, you are the coolest people out there I know.

So many tunes and stories run through my head… If you like you can make mention of some of your favorites on this post… Here is one of mine that I dedicate to my SU friends. Gone, but never forgotten, it comes from the late great Luther Allison…Enjoy!!!


Your StumbleUpon Friend,

The Blues Blogger

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Danel R. Lehrman
15 years ago