Bonnie Raitt: Discography and Current News

(This following is a guest post written by Grace Beckett who briefly covers discography and current news for Bonnie Raitt, along with info regarding her latest album Slipstream… I’ve included a twitterstream and some of Raitt’s videos from now and then for your viewing pleasure.)   

Bonnie Raitt

Anyone who is a fan of Blues music will know Bonnie Raitt, one of America’s most renowned singers. Her career/ discography has spanned decades and included many unforgettable hits such as “Nick of Time”, “Something to Talk About” and “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Raitt’s career began in 1971 when she released her self-titled debut album under Warner Bros. The album received a warm reception from critics who praised Raitt’s skills as a guitarist and a blues artist.

At the time, her talent was refreshingly new in the blues music scene which was mostly dominated by male musicians. In fact, very few women before Bonnie Raitt had been able to establish a reputation as a formidable bottleneck guitarist. Raitt’s signature instrument was the slide guitar, and with its mellow tones she released several more albums: Give It Up (1972), Takin’ My Time (1973), Streetlights (1974) and Home Plate (1975). All of her early album received critical acclaim, and Give It Up is still considered by many to be her best work to date. However, despite rave reviews record sales remained modest, and Raitt had still not caught the public’s eye.

Commercial Success at Last

Bonnie Raitt’s first commercial success came in 1977 with the release of her album Sweet Forgiveness. The hit single “Runaway” was a cover based on the Al Green inspired rhythmic groove.  The single helped Raitt finally make her mark in the music world and gain public recognition. Subsequently, she was caught in a bidding war between Warner Bros. and Columbia Records, both of whom wanted to sign her onto their record deal for her next album. Warner Bros. won the deal and Raitt released her next two albums—The Glow (1979) and Green Light (1982)—under their label. The albums received a lot of critical acclaim, but failed to impress Warner Bros. in terms of record sales.

The Pinnacle of Success

It was 20 years after she began her musical career began that Bonnie Raitt achieved true commercial success. In 1983, she was dropped from Warner Bros. after recording her album Tongue & Groove. Two years later, the recording company allowed Raitt to re-work on the album and it was released as Nine Lives. Finally, after completing her stint with Warner Bros., Raitt began work on her next album. Nick of Time was released in 1989 and it went straight to the top of the billboard charts, selling over six million in the United States. The album was a massive success in the UK and Canada as well. Raitt won four Grammy Awards, and followed up her success with more Grammy wins for her albums Luck of the Draw (1991) and Longing in Their Hearts (1994).

Current News

Bonnie Raitt’s latest album Slipstream (2012) sees her returning to her roots. The album has a classic bluesy tone with her iconic slide guitar and soulful vocals. The first single “Right Down the Line” is a cover of the hit Gerry Rafferty song. The single has been infused with a reggae feel that gives it a new sound while maintaining its classic soulfulness.

What are some of your favorite Bonnie Raitt albums or songs? Have you heard her latest release Slipstream? Please share your thoughts  in he comment area below.


Grace is an expert author associated with Global Groove, an online record store selling second-hand vinyl records and CDs. You can find Bonnie Raitt’s entire catalog of hits and singles at


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Marc Rossi
Marc Rossi
11 years ago

Love the article. Bonnie has always been a favorite of mine since the first album. One comment on the website, though. The text is next to impossible to read due to the combination of the black background, the color of the text and the thin nature of the character size. Major pain in the neck. I’m just saying.

9 years ago

Bonnie Raitt and Friends from 2005 I believe was my introduction to her beautiful tone. At the same time I discovered Keb’ Mo’ and fell in love with both.