Blues at Steak

Last week my wife TBBW and I went out for dinner. It doesn’t happen very often, as I’m on a strict diet. So when the opportunity comes around, we tend to choose a steakhouse, as it is a bona fide treat for both of us… We really enjoy the time we spend together. Unfortunately, because of our busy lifestyles, the occasion doesn’t come around often enough…

As I parked in the restaurant lot, my vehicle was greeted by a thud from the car door beside me. I was about to say a few words to the individual until I saw a memorizing sight press against my car window… “Oh my,” TBBW replied while watching in awe of the huge rear end that made its way out of the car and now into the restaurant for all to behold. “Do you really think she needs a steak?” I muttered, trying to forget about the new dent in my car… “Well at least you know the food must be good,” TBBW remarked.

TBB: What do you mean a 45 minute wait?
TBBW: I guess they didn’t mark down our reservation.
TBB: Why is that our fault?
TBBW: Maybe we can get into the lounge?

After about an hour… Well OK… Sixty eight minutes… We were taken to our table. Naturally we were seated next to the person we had encountered in the parking lot… For some strange reason this individual felt the constant need to stand up and rearrange the items on her table. As she bent over, her enormous asset would end up two inches from my face. Sorry… Really… I’m not trying to be uncouth. Just brutally honest… A wave of silence would be generated amongst the crowd; bewildered at this remarkable sight as it drifted past… So TBBW and I weren’t alone in this. It certainly made conversing with my wife very challenging. For a moment I forgot I was out for dinner and thought I was at the IMAX.

I behaved for most of the evening. Only once rubbing beer into my hands and splashing it on my face to ease the pressure of what I was up against. On another note, our steaks were very delicious and the overall meal was superb. But we never doubted that. It just made us realize what one has to go through to enjoy a decent meal… However as Bonnie says, “I will not be broken.”

Oh well … Anyways …

Through all of our 17 years together, TBBW has only heard me speak of my love for writing. During the last year she has seen those thoughts turn into something more tangible. This blog represents part of my long lost desire to write again. Even though I continue to drive TBBW crazy, I think deep down she may truly dig my alter ego of The Blues Blogger. One thing that’s for certain, I could never have done it without her.

One of my very first Blues Blogger articles was originally posted on It was a piece called Beale Street:The True Home of The Blues and it was dedicated to TBBW… One of her favorite artists is Joni Mitchell and that article examined the history of one of Joni’s songs Furry Sings The Blues; a song written for blues legend Furry Lewis… Another post that I wrote for TBBW features Nina Simone and can be viewed here.

It would have made a lot of sense to write another Joni Mitchell or Nina Simone type post. Instead I’ve provided links to these: One located above, one hereAnd the other over here. The videos located at these links provide several examples of where TBBW and I will agree musically…. The links will open a new window for you to view… You can always comment by restoring this window and adding them below.

While writing last week’s post TBBW mentioned she thought some of my readers might not think so kindly to some of her previous remarks made on this site… I really don’t believe that. In fact reading some of the comments on the link above show how funny people thought her occasional commentaries were. And really that is unquestionably the way they are intended. The bottom line is this… The very fact that my wife TBBW is paying any attention or has any interest in The Blues Blogger site is a huge honor for me.

The two videos that are featured on this post represents the more bluesier side to the musical spectrum where both TBBW and I share a mutual respect of the artists. They fit this post and The Blues Blogger site beautifully. Normally I write mini biographical information on the artists. Today I will let those links and videos speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them. I know I do! As usual you can always leave your comments on the music and the artists featured in this post below.


The Blues Blogger

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15 years ago

I absolutely love Nina Simone!